30 Things to Store Recap

30 Things to store


Need some tips for organizing and storing your belongings? Here are links to my short videos with ideas for storing 30 things that most people have. They are in no particular order, so click around and enjoy!


Day 1: Batteries

Day 2: Lightbulbs

Day 3: Fly Swatter

Day 4: Sunscreen and Bug Spray

Day 5: Sewing & Mending Supplies

Day 6: Holiday Decorations

Day 7: Donations

Day 8: Wrapping Supplies

Day 9: Gifts to Give

Day 10: Dirty Clothes

Day 11: Important Documents

Day 12: Loyalty & Gift Cards

Day 13: Greeting Cards

Day 14: Men’s Accessories

Day 15: Women’s Accessories/Jewelry

Day 16: Change

Day 17: Printer Paper

Day 18: Purse, Briefcase, Backpack

Day 19: Pantry Items

Day 20: Umbrellas

Day 21: Cleaning Supplies

Day 22: Retail Coupons

Day 23: “Small” Clothing (e.g. undergarments, socks)

Day 24: Clothing “Bottoms”

Day 25: Clothing “Tops”

Day 26: Shoes

Day 27: Clothing Not Being Worn

Day 28: Large, Flat Things

Day 29: Computer Cords & Cables

Day 30: Memorabilia


 *     *     *     *     *

Do you have a great storage idea to share?



9 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Recap”

    1. I’ve loved hearing from you each day, Janine. I’d say your “30 things” are very well organized:) Love the community we have here in he blogosphere. Happy rest of your week!

    1. That means so much coming from you, Janet! It was a “stretch” goal for me, and I’m glad I did it. I still have some captioning and optimizing to go back and do, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. Always good to keep moving forward. GO, GO on Facebook Live. You will be terrific!

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