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Polly’s “Two Choices” Dilemma

Ever have times when given two choices, you always seem to pick the wrong one? Maybe some of Polly’s experiences will resonate with you!

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Polly Zooms

Many of us are working on Zoom (or teams, or Skype, or Facetime) these days. We want to appear confident and in control. Polly is just like us. Can you relate to the contrast between her Zoom life and her real life?

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The Credit You Deserve

Across the world, people are making sacrifices. If you are staying at home, much of what you are doing may be going unnoticed. Here are some of the many efforts I’d like to acknowledge!

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Stay-at-home Scavenger Hunt

Now is the perfect time for an activity to get us moving and relieve some stress. How many can you find?

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Polly’s Pandemic Peer Pressure

Just because we are staying at home doesn’t mean we are not experiencing peer pressure.

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