30 Things to Store Day 9: Gifts to Give

30 Things to store


Most people give gifts at one time or another. Is there a best place to keep them while waiting for the appropriate moment?



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Do you tend to have items on hand that you plan to give as gifts? Do you have any special tricks for how or where to keep them?

7 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 9: Gifts to Give”

    1. Glad you like the Post-it note idea. Especially when you have children there tend to be items coming in that won’t be used (birthday party abundance, grandparent generosity, etc.) Makes sense to have one location where it can quickly be stashed, and then retrieved when needed.

    1. Smart son to find those and help himself:) I don’t think there is anything wrong with regifting.. ultimately it gets nice, new items to people who might enjoy them.

  1. The post it note with the name of who gave you a gift you may regift is brilliant! I have a gifts to give box (much larger than your box in the video!), but I’ve been known to forget who gave me a gift. Thankfully, I’ve never given it back to the original giver, I just end up donating it. Now I’ll always know who gave the gift thanks to your post it note tip.
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    1. The box in the video is small. I worked with a client yesterday who has an enormous bin with these items. Families with younger children who are having birthday parties tend to end up with more of these items. Glad you like the post-it note tip… nobody wants to be embarrassed!

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