30 Things to Store Day 22: Retail Coupons

30 Things to store


Many of us receive coupons for local retailers. Where is the best place to keep them?

Below are the products and resources mentioned in this video.

I am not being compensated to promote any products, nor am I endorsing any particular tool. These links are provided solely as inspiration for you to discern what might work best in your particular situation.

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Do you collect and use retail coupons? Where do you keep them?

5 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 22: Retail Coupons”

    1. Love the washi tape – so versatile and makes everything feel personal. I’m sure it would adhere well to these little rigid envelopes. Great tip!

  1. I use a plastic envelope similar to yours, but it has two pockets. I put coupons in one side and receipts from purchases in the other. That way everything stays nice and neat in my purse. yea! But why did I never think of just keeping the coupons in the car instead of carrying them everywhere in my purse?! Thanks for the tip, Seana.

    1. An envelope with two pockets sounds terrific. I once received a folder with 4 or 5 pockets at a NAPO event, and I absolutely love it. Always take it with me when I travel so I can keep details about the various parts of my trip together and distinct. Aren’t we funny? It’s the little things that thrill us!

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