Space Planning

Blueprint for a kitchen. A professional organizer's recommendations on renovation.

A Professional Organizer’s New Construction Recommendations

Building or renovating a home is a large undertaking. The excitement of having something new and improved is often tempered by the pressure of having to make a lot of decisions. Professionals often can offer valuable information. Realtors know what sells, architects know what flows, and designers know what appeals. From years working with clients, […]

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Reclaim Your Space Using Zones

Do you ever look around your home or office and see what looks like a giant “blob” of stuff everywhere? Comingled possessions strewn about can be both unsettling and counterproductive: needed items get lost, belongings get accidentally damaged or thrown away, and you feel like you just don’t have your act together. When your environment

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Organizing Megatrends

Back in 1982, John Naisbitt wrote a book called “Megatrends: Ten New Directions for Transforming Our Lives.” I remember loving this term –“megatrends” – and have always enjoyed considering how we will live, work, rest, and play in the future. Megatrends impact all aspects of life, including how organizing and productivity. Therefore, I’ve decided to

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