30 Things to Store Day 23: “Small” Clothing

30 Things to store


Today we begin a short series of videos giving tips for storing clothing. We’ll start off with storing “small” items, such as underwear and socks.

Below are the products and resources mentioned in this video.

I am not being compensated to promote any products, nor am I endorsing any particular tool. These links are provided solely as inspiration for you to discern what might work best in your particular situation.

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Where do you keep your “small” clothing? Do you have any great tips to share?

6 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 23: “Small” Clothing”

  1. Those small items can really get lost without some type of container. The shoe box idea or plastic box is great! My sock and underwear drawers aren’t tall enough to accommodate a container, so I just fold and line them up in rows and it works. However, in my husband’s dresser that has taller drawers, we have the clear plastic drawer organizing inserts. They are great and keep everything in nice, neat rows that don’t move around.
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    1. There are lots of terrific drawer inserts to keep items from running into each other. I’m trying to keep it simple in these initial videos so that people can get some function going without too much effort. Of course, you and I could spend days talking about options, right? It is crazy how much fun this stuff is to me:)

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