Pencils of different colors. Seana's sampler

Seana’s Sampler, Volume 8

It’s been a while since I have put together Seana’s Sampler: a roundup of tips, thoughts, strategies, and resources to enhance daily life. This post feels like a conversation around the dinner table where I get to share some of my latest discoveries. Who doesn’t love a good find, right?  I hope you’ll enjoy perusing […]

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Select-an-Effort: Undergarments Seana with her feet in socks.

Select-an-Effort: Undergarments

Did you ever notice there are some categories of “stuff” that we just never seem to get around to sorting and organizing? Today’s task in “Select-an-Effort: Organizing Tasks for 2023” tends to be one of these: undergarments. There are many possible items that fall into this category, including: Are you ready to dive in? Here

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