30 Things to Store Day 6: Holiday Decorations


Time to pack up the holiday decorations? Here are some tips for how to do it.



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Do you have any favorite tips for storing holiday decor?

7 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 6: Holiday Decorations”

    1. I actually don’t own the ornament boxes, but I can see how they would make the process of de-decorating the tree quick and easy. If I were starting all over again, I would invest for sure…

  1. We actually took our decorations down so early this year because of house guests and renovations. It was all good, though, because we had put them up early too.
    We have ornament boxes and sort them by breakability and genre. And we get those giant bins from Walmart or Target!

    1. I love that you sort them by breakability and genre… you are people after my own heart! We are just getting our things put away this weekend. Too cold to do anything else:)

  2. I love the idea of storing by room! I’ve also separated ‘winter’ decorations from Christmas so that we can take them out early and put them away later. Everything is getting put away this weekend so it’s not too late to re-sort.

    1. Now is the perfect time to get them organized for next year. I love your idea for “winter” vs. “Christmas.” The same idea could apply to “fall” vs. “Halloween” and “Thanksgiving.” Thanks for sharing this tip!

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