30 Things to Store Day 15: Women’s Jewelry

30 Things to store


Yesterday it was the men. Today we are talking about organizing women’s jewelry and small accessories. There are lots of options!

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I am not being compensated to promote any products, nor am I endorsing any particular tool. These links are provided solely as inspiration for you to discern what might work best in your particular situation.


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What have you found most helpful for storing your jewelry?

15 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 15: Women’s Jewelry”

    1. That is so nice when you have a jewelry drawer in your bedroom furniture. Great place to safely and cleanly store your jewelry that isn’t out in the open!

    1. Thanks for watching, Marina! We are having fun all month with these. Always more to learn – for me too. I’m loving the comments and feedback I’m receiving:)

  1. I love hearing and seeing jewelry storage ideas. I’ve recently inherited jewelry and I’m conflicted about storing them in a safe deposit box where it’s difficult to access, but safe. I realize that it’s a good problem to have, but I haven’t settled on the right solution for me….yet.

    1. It is important to take good care of valuable jewelry. I wouldn’t hang my most precious pieces out from a bulletin board. Those are safely stored. It is tough, because you won’t wear what is difficult to access. Good luck with choosing the best solution!

    1. A personal favorite, Ellen? There are so many options, and something that fits almost every budget. Lucky clients who get you to organize their jewelry:)

    1. Okay, I’m taking note Carolyn! That can be tough, as much of our jewelry has sentimental value. It is possible, however, as we typically wear only a fraction of the jewelry we own.

    1. When you make a change is the perfect time to be intentional about designing a system that works for you. Think of how to use the walls of your larger closet, and maybe drawers if you will have them. So exciting!

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