30 Things to Store Day 5: Sewing Supplies


Sometimes, the best solution to a broken item is a needle and thread. Whether you sew a lot or only rarely, I’ve got tips for storing the supplies you need.



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Do you have sewing and mending supplies on hand? Where do you keep them?

5 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 5: Sewing Supplies”

    1. I don’t sew a lot either, but I hope you have at least the item I suggested at the end. You never know when a stitch or two will make all the difference. So wonderful that your mom knows how to sew. I think somehow my generation didn’t develop that skill, and I wish I had!

  1. I have the grandma style sewing box. It’s totally not me, but it makes me smile because with one quick glance I connect with memories of my mom’s and my grandma’s sewing boxes. If I was starting fresh, I would definitely use the craft box as my sewing box. I prefer plastic or acrylic because it’s much easier to clean than wicker or fabric.

    1. I have an old grandma one, but it is kind of falling apart. When I’m ready to replace, I will probably make a different choice. That said, they still work, and they do evoke a sentimental feeling:)

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