30 Things to Store Day 17: Printer Paper

30 Things to store

Chances are you buy paper for a printer. Here are my tips for how to store it.


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Where do you store your pinter paper?

4 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 17: Printer Paper”

    1. The original packaging can be a good solution, as long as you can neatly tear off the end. The tray works really well, and I like it for children as well. They can easily understand that they should grab the “recycled” paper when they want to draw.

  1. OMGoodness! I had no idea that there is a pull-off strip on the packaging! That’s a game changer. I currently tear the bag open at the end, but it’s messy and it’s always bugged me. I’m off to check my paper packaging now. Thanks, Seana!

    1. I think all good packaging should have a tear strip! I hate when it is hard to remove the packaging, or ends up jagged or sharp. I hope your bags had a tear strip:)

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