30 Things to Store Day 7: Donations

30 Things to store


Most people are better at acquiring new items than they are at circulating unwanted belongings out. This system will help to keep things moving through your space.



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Do you have a system for gathering items for donation?

16 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 7: Donations”

    1. If you have a lot to donate, these home pick-up services are such a wonderful option. The CT Chapter of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing professionals is partnering with BBBS all this month collecting clothes. They are a wonderful organization, and another one who offers home pick-up!

  1. I’m loving your video series, Seana! They’re well produced with interesting tips and info…plus your shining personality comes through loudly and clearly. You’re awesome!

    I really like this tip you gave of putting a plastic bag in the donation box. That makes it easier to donate when all full. So smart. These days I’m particularly interested in letting go of stuff. We use our garage as a staging area for the “exits.” And when things go, I feel lighter. It’s easy to accumulate things and while it takes some time to make decisions and actually get the things out, you’ve presented a method for doing this that makes the process easier.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…How to Get a Fresh Start Boost from Inbox ZeroMy Profile

    1. Anything that makes the process easier is worth it, right? I feel lucky to have a garage to use as an exit station. It really is an ideal place if you can do it. I so value your affirmation, Linda. Anytime we try something new, we wonder how it will go!!!

    1. If we spent as much time on getting rid of stuff as we do in acquiring, we’d all have a lot less clutter for sure. I feel like I need to do more, and I know that I probably shed more than the average Joe…

  2. This is a passion of mine. I created a charitable donation locations page on my website just for this and share it with all my clients when they ask me, “Where should I donate this.”

    I love your idea of clear bags for donating items! I will need to find some at the grocery store. With our small garage, I have a collapsible donation bin. I can easily put it away when we need to make space.

    1. A collapsible donation bin is a wonderful idea! I actually ordered a giant box of the clear bags because it isn’t always easy to find them in the grocery store. Of course, my grocery store is pretty small, so hopefully you will have better luck!

  3. I love the Salvation Army. They’re in the next town over. As a blogger, I have more than enough food/personal care items I donate. I make it a weekly or monthly thing. I love your ideas because I usually just leave it lying around in the basement and Cassidy never knows if it’s stuff to keep or donate. (sometimes I don’t know either, if we’re being honest)
    Tamara recently posted…Melting Snowman Cookies With My Blogging Best FriendMy Profile

    1. I never thought about the fact that bloggers may accumulate items that are new and not needed. How wonderful that you have a regular system for moving these perfectly good items into needy hands:)

  4. This is great Seana. What I find and I hear from others is that stuff to donate gets put in the bag or box and then doesn’t get out the door. There is an expression in our Peer Group that is “what goes in the box,stays in the box” which is also an issue and may be a reason why the box doesn’t get taken out. Good job on the video series.
    Kim recently posted…Clearing Clutter Support Group Week 1My Profile

    1. I agree that often we get so close to getting items out, and then never make it that one last step. That’s one reason why I like keeping donations in the garage… closer to the car. Also, if we aren’t walking past it ten times a day, we are less likely to reach in and retrieve it. I love that expression you use with your group!

  5. I keep a bag in my closet for stuff that needs to go. It makes it easy to drop them in. Super easy, “no excuses” way of getting rid of stuff I’m never going to wear again.

    I have also signed up with several donation takers (like Purple Heart and Vietnam Vets) who can collect my bag(s). They periodically send me e-mails about when they’ll be on my street and I schedule a pick-up online. Seriously, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

    P.S. Love the plastic bag in the crate. Great idea!

    P.P.S. I, too, am loving your video series! =)
    Deb Lee recently posted…Get Organized Month: Digital Declutter CampaignMy Profile

    1. Thank you so much, Deb. You are putting a big smile on my face! Love your system. That is such a great point about organizing: the more we can make it easy to stay organized, the more likely we are to do it!

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