30 Things to Store Day 20: Umbrellas

30 Things to store


Are you ready for a rainy day? Today we are talking about where to store umbrellas.

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Where do you keep your umbrellas?

5 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 20: Umbrellas”

    1. Those large umbrellas are so great when you are going somewhere with the family. Garage is the perfect spot! Love that we both have hooks for the ones in the closet:)

  1. Seana, your bungee cord idea for the corner of the closet is brilliant! I have an umbrella stand that we picked up in our travels, but the bungee cord idea is perfect for someone just starting out or that moves frequently.

    1. I love those little bungee cords. They are easy to install and help hold a variety of tall/thin things in place! As you said, if you move a lot, they are small and lightweight and can install quickly and easily:)

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