30 Things to Store Day 28: Large & Flat

30 Things to store


Poster board, enlarged photographs, posters, foam core… these can be tricky items to store. Here are a couple of ideas.


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Where do you keep your large, flat items?

11 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 28: Large & Flat”

  1. Another fun video, Seana! Love your happy energy. A few other places to store large, flat things are in a large portfolio, a flat file, a wide shelf, or standing against the back wall of a closet. If you don’t want to invest in a portfolio, you can also store large things between two pieces of cardboard (or foam core) to keep them from bending.
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    1. This is one little tip that has saved the day for so many clients. That stuff is floppy and hard to store. Tuck it behind the cabinet, it stays nice and flat and no one sees it:)

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  3. I store these types of items behind a bookcase in the office. I actually have a stash of poster board for last minute school projects (I have I said how much I don’t like to go shopping, and I really, really don’t like to rush out for unplanned shopping!).

    1. I learned one year that I needed to buy the tri-fold foam core early in the year for the spring project (whatever it was). Seemed like all nearby stores would always sell out of these when the time came. Bookcase is perfect – same idea!

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