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Seana Turner

My motivation for founding The Seana Method in 2010 was simple: to help people. It seemed like everywhere I turned, people were talking about how their spaces were a mess, their schedules were out of control, and their “stuff” was overwhelming. In a society where accumulation of wealth had always been linked to high quality of life, I seemed to be witnessing the direct opposite.

How May I Help You?

I offer a full range of services to meet your organizing and productivity needs.
Don’t see what you need? Contact me and let’s talk!


Seana will help you sort through accumulated belongings with a simple and stress-free process structured around your priorities, ensuring a result you will feel good about.

System Design

Once a space is cleared, Seana creates the systems you need to keep it organized and functional. Seana will ensure you get the result you desire while working within your budget.

Time Management

Seana helps you structure an effective system for your time, calendar and “to do” list, working within your comfort zone to set up tools that make the most of the time you have.

Seana’s Blog

The blog is where I share my best tips and strategies for getting and keeping your organized. You will find a variety of content here, including:

  • How To posts targeting specific items and spaces
  • Time Management posts to help you make the most of the time you have
  • Humor posts, including my comic strip called “Polly Tries”
  • Stories gleaned from my time working with clients
  • Encouragement posts to keep you moving forward

Recent Posts

"Your number one organizing tool is a clear surface." ~ Matt Baier

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Today’s quote is from a good friend and fellow organizer in Connecticut. His name is Matt Baier (Matt Baier Organizing LLC), and he is known …
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"Accept setbacks as a natural part of the change process; they are bound to happen and are not a sign of failure." ~ Dr. Debbie Grove

“Quotes in Action” – Day 18

Whenever we set out to make change in our lives, difficulties are inevitable. Best laid plans fall apart, we get sick, our idea doesn’t work …
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I must create a system or be enslaved by another man's." ~ William Blake

“Quotes in Action” – Day 17

When we carry out repeated behaviors in a predictable way, we gain a couple of benefits: We minimize the mental energy required for making choices and …
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