30 Things to Store Day 30: Memorabilia

30 Things to store


Everyone has memorabilia. Keeping some is a great way to preserve memories. Keeping too much can lead to a cluttered mess. Here are my tips on the last day of our video series.

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Do you have a box or container dedicated to memorabilia? When’s the last time you looked through it?

10 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 30: Memorabilia”

  1. I love that idea. This is a big one for me. I can’t let go of things, for fear I’ll forget them forever. That’s a big theme with me. If we all have our special box, that would be nice. I know my parents had them for each of us. And I find that things that seemed SO important are now things I can let go of.. funny thing that is!

    P.S. How did we get to the end already? I thoroughly have been enjoying this program.
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    1. Thanks for watching and commenting all month, Tamara! Time does help us to make decisions about what to keep, and we should keep those things that are most precious. The box helps us by giving a natural boundary, while still allowing us to enjoy and cherish wonderful memories!

  2. How has it been 30 days already?! I’ve loved these tips, Seana. They’ve been so practical and perfect for real people. With 3 children, I’ve allowed them to have several tubs of memoribilia (because we’re a military family that moves all the time, I’ve let them keep more stuff since it gives them a continuity and connection to their past that they don’t otherwise have). Halfway through college I have them go through the tubs in preparation for moving them into their own place when they graduate. I made sure to be there when my daughter went through her tubs and we had a wonderful time walking down memory lane together.

    1. I love this special reason to hold onto a little bit more. Very thoughtful to let your children hold onto things that would connect them to their various homes. I can picture you and your daughter sorting her bins, smiling, laughing and remembering. Love!

    1. Thanks for watching and supporting this video series, Jessica! I agree… time can be helpful in deciding what means the most, but it is nice to have a place to put things “in the moment.”

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