The Seana Method is designed to provide you with assistance in organizing the three key components of life: timespace and belongings. Seana’s goal is to make your life better!

Regardless of your particular project, Seana offers:

  • RELIEF from the stress of carrying more than feels comfortable.
  • JUDGMENT-FREE SUPPORT for making the decisions that will help you achieve your goals.
  • DIRECTION for how to use your time and space efficiently.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT in those moments when you feel overwhelmed.
  • TOOLS to help you reach and maintain your desired lifestyle.

What specific projects can Seana help with?


Seana will help you sort through accumulated belongings so you can decide what to keep and what to shed. The method is designed to make the process simple and stress-free. Seana provides perspective and advice, but never pressures you to let go of anything. The process is structured around your priorities, ensuring a result you will feel good about.

Disposal Support

The Seana Method has resources throughout Fairfield County to help you move items out of your space. Whether you want to sell, donate or have items hauled away, we can make the process easy by connecting you with tested professionals. Seana has relationships with ebay resellers, appraisers, auction houses, shedders, and a variety of charities and junk haulers.

System Design & Implementation

Once a space is cleared, Seana creates the systems you need to keep it organized and functional. Seana can typically work with materials you already own and can also recommend structural enhancements for your consideration. Seana is networked with closet companies, pull-out shelving providers, and product manufacturers to ensure you get the result you desire while working within your budget.

Time Management and Productivity

Time has never been more valuable. Seana provides one-on-one sessions to help you optimize the time you have. Our method helps you structure an effective system for your time, calendar and “to do” list. We help you assess what is working and what isn’t, and then work within your comfort zone to set up tools that make the most of the time you have.

Virtual Services

Seana provides 1-hour virtual services for organizing, planning, life coaching and time management. These appointments are conducted via Zoom or Facetime and are designed to provide directed discussion and accountability to help you achieve your goals. (Read more here)

Public Speaking

Seana is a natural in front of a crowd, with an extensive background of addressing groups about getting and staying organized. She offers customized presentations and workshops to keep audiences engaged and motivated..

Downsizing Management

If the time has come to clear out your home, Seana can help. Our process helps you prioritize needed tasks and work through your home to identify what you want to move with you and what you don’t. We also provide support for the moving process, including pre-move planning and timeline design.


Overwhelmed by a home full of boxes? Seana can help you get unpacked and set up with systems that work well from day one. We can help you get your belongings out of the boxes so you can settle in quickly.

I am deeply grateful for all the suggestions, encouragement, ideas and organizational work Seana shared and did for me.

Dawn S.

I can simply endorse Seana’s excellence in organizing a home office. I speak from experience and have enjoyed the results of her work in my office every day. I only wish I had called on her sooner.

Dianne G.

Seana seriously added so much peace, love, joy, and organization to our lives!

Brooke G.

I am much more organized with [Seana’s] method. My office is much neater and I actually enjoy being here more. When my desk does get messy and disorganized, at least now I clean it immediately! Seana is good at what she does and is and making a difference in people’s lives.

Paul C.

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