30 Things to Store Day 21: Cleaning Supplies

30 Things to store


At some point, we all need to do some cleaning. Here are a few ideas to help you store your cleaning supplies.

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Do you have a system for storing your cleaning supplies?

16 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 21: Cleaning Supplies”

    1. I feel honored to be giving the same tip as your grandmother. I’ve seen enough leaky containers to feel confident about the wisdom of this tip!

  1. I keep cleaning supplies on each level of my house. I don’t mind walking into the second upstairs bathroom to grab cleaning supplies, because that’s so much easier than running down one or two flights of stairs to one central storage area.

    1. So much easier! If you have the space to store supplies on each level, that is a very smart idea. It’s all about doing what you can to make the process simple and pleasant. The more “work” it is, the more likely we are to put off doing it, right?

  2. It’s so funny that you suggested keeping one toilet bowl cleaner in each bathroom. Just the other day, I decided to do that more from a convenience standpoint than anything else, but it was great to hear you reinforce that idea for the “staining/leaking” reason. Kudos to you for another well-produced video! I’m enjoying this series.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…What Are Today’s Interesting Finds? – v17My Profile

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! It’s all about making the process as simple and efficient as possible. Of course, if you only have a pedestal sink, you might not be able to store one in there, but keep them where you can, for leaking and convenience reasons!

  3. Loving this series of videos, Seana! Great tips today. I keep my cleaning supplies in a Rubbermaid tote with a central handle. Works about the same way. Also easy to clean, carry and keep together!

    1. That’s what I love about the bucket approach. You can get one that fits whatever space you have, and everything stays tucked neatly and safely together:)

  4. Great series, Seana. We have 3 floors, so I decided to place supplies under the sink in the kitchen, powder room, and bathroom. I also have a centrally located closet and that’s where I leave the unique cleaners. That’s on the middle floor. =)

    I also recommend if you find that you have others cleaning for you, write with a permanent marker which area needs to be used for each cleaning product. This reminds them until they remember on their own.

    1. That’s a great tip to label the supplies with a permanent marker, especially if supplies are being carried to various floors in the home. Doing everything we can to keep the items easily accessible makes us more likely to use them, as well as keep track when something needs to be replaced!

  5. Great video Seana! I also keep toilet keep a toilet brush in each bathroom in addition to the toilet cleaner so it doesn’t spread it’s “grossness” 🙂 Such a good idea about keeping cleaning supplies in a container. . . spills and leaks are the worst!

    1. Yes, keeping the brush in the bathroom is great if you have the space. Agree to limit the spread of anything “undesirable” throughout the house:) Thanks for watching, Allison!

    1. Yes, that can be tricky when you lose that space. You can still store things there, but not big things. Think of cutting boards slid in along the side of the unit…

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