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“Make a Fresh Start” – Recap

This is a recap of 30 ways to “Make a Fresh Start” in 2021. It has ideas for renewing your space, your belongings, your lifestyle, your body, and your mind. #organizing

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Seana counting on her fingers and helping you with a trick to stop leaving items behind.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 30

Here is a simple trick I’ve used for years to help me bring home whatever I’ve taken with me. It is called the “number of items” trick.

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Seana stepping outside. Go outside at least once each day.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 29

Today I am suggesting that you go outside at least once every day.

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Seana looking up. The challenge is to think of one thing for which you are thankful each day.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 28

The challenge is to identify one thing for which you are grateful each day. The “fresh” part of this idea is that each item you add to your list must be new.

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Seana with thumbs up, choose an affirmation for the year.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 27

Select an affirmation on which to focus throughout the year.

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