30 Things to Store Day 16: Loose Change

30 Things to store

Loose change ends up on surfaces, in drawers, between couch cushions and rolling around the car. What is the best way to deal with it?

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Where do you keep your loose change? Do you save it up for a specific purpose?

7 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 16: Loose Change”

    1. I love the idea of collecting the family’s change in a water jug. So fun for the family to watch it fill up, and talk about how you might want to cash it in and do something fun!

  1. I love repurposing bowls and knick knacks that my three kids made me over the years to store change. That way I get a smile from seeing my children’s handiwork and it’s being put to a good use.

  2. We use a big mason jar! And then take it to the coin collection machine and use that for groceries! It’s rather fun. Cassidy doesn’t keep any change in his car and that drives me crazy because we live in a city! We need it!
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    1. I think the idea of collecting the change in a big jar and making a family trip to see how much you’ve saved is so fun! My husband keeps too much change in his car. It’s always spilling out of the center area… be careful what you wish for:)

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