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Top 5 Items Left Behind on Vacation

remember to check for these five items and make sure to bring them home.

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“Selfie-Discipline” #27 – Plan Your Vacation Schedule

Performing this “Selfie-Discipline” once year will help you get the most out of your vacation days.

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“Re-entry” After Vacation

Ever get a sick feeling as you are driving up to your house after a vacation? Thoughts of laundry, mail and bills tumble together with concerns about backlogged work and unknown challenges. I call this time “re-entry,” and it can be a tricky time. Here are some ideas on how to make it as smooth

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sleeping bag

Planning for Sleep-Away Camp

Summer is full of many wonderful opportunities. One that many children experience is sleep-away camp. If your child heads away for a week or more, there are often a lot of details that need to be coordinated. For a successful summer, keep these tips in mind. Tips for Sleep-away Camp Involve Your Child Don’t do

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Car Organizing

How Do I Organize My Car?

Our cars: we love them, we abuse them, we live in them and we rely on them.  For many of us, being in the car is as much a part of daily life as eating. It is no wonder that they often look like war zones… coffee stains in the carpet, trash all around, smelly

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