30 Things to Store Day 4: Sunscreen & Bug Spray

The snow might be falling, but this is a great time to organize supplies like sunscreen and bug repellent that might be spread all over the house. Here are my tips…

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Where do you keep your sunscreen and bug spray?

7 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 4: Sunscreen & Bug Spray”

    1. This is a great system.. into the prime real estate in season, and then tucked away when not in use. While we are in the “deep freeze” is a good time to throw out any of the old ones too. Stay warm – this is crazy cold!

    1. Packing them for a trip can be complicated, especially if you fly. Always pack inside a zip-top plastic bag, right? I might have good storage tips, but I sure do enjoy “watching” your life as you two travel around:)

  1. Since we have tropical weather year ’round, it’s important to have both of these items on hand at all times. I keep the sunscreen on the bathroom shelf, and multiple cans of bug spray on the patio deck, in the tiki hut, in our fire pit area, and also store a few bottles under the kitchen sink! We Floridians are quite serious about our war on mosquitoes!

    1. There is nary a mosquito left up here as we head down to -3 tonight! I love the idea of keeping the spray in all the places you might need it. More efficient than carrying it to and from all the time!

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