About The Method

When you hear the word “organization,” what comes to mind? Immaculately arranged shelves, perhaps? A closet brimming with uniformly labeled plastic boxes?

While mastering such visible signs of the ordered life is certainly important, focusing exclusively on these end results can leave us feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or inadequate.

Organization represents more than simply a lack of visual clutter. True organization requires congruence between three key aspects of an effective life: 

  • Time
  • Space
  • Belongings

Misalignment of any one of these elements can cause you to criticize yourself in relation to your peers—why can’t I have it all together? —and turn your private spaces from sanctuaries into sources of discontent.  

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The Seana Method is a structured lifestyle approach designed to address each of these key elements. Through an integrated approach, you can permanently remove self-recrimination from your life and foster predictability, flexibility, and joy

Rather than emphasizing rigidity, The Seana Method helps you develop a rhythm that will equip you to deal with the erratic nature of life with grace.

Are you feeling overwhelmed, inferior, or out of sync? Are you seeking a new approach to manage and guide your daily life? If so, I encourage you to contact me and to finally realize freedom through organization.

If organizing was considered a superpower- Seana Turner has it!

Additionally, she helps in ways far beyond the importance of organizing. After every session both my mind and space feels clearer. What also find extremely helpful (unexpected to know offered) is support with daily life skills. Seana gives guidance/support how to break down tasks, understand steps, and follow through. I continually learn so much from this, as well as the concepts/ and thought processes to organizing. Though I’m working at doing better myself – she adds (a much needed) strong foundation from which to start from. And with every session, more is reinforced. Seana is truly a special person and I feel comfortable/enjoy working with her (and am fortunate to know her). From my experience, The Seana Turner Method far exceeds expectations, and I highly recommend.

Lynne A.

Seana is giving me the opportunity to flourish in my own sanctuary. I don’t know what I would do without her.

Tracy B.

My daughter loves her room. She walked in and did a cartwheel 🤸🏿‍♀‍ because she now has room!!! She also loved looking at the books in her closet. Thank you, Seana!

Tori V