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Many people think being organized means having your “stuff” neatly arranged, being on time, or remembering where you put your belongings. While mastering these visible signs of the ordered life is certainly important, focusing exclusively on these end results often leaves people feeling frustrated or insufficient.

The Seana Method is a structured approach to organizing the three aspects of life: space, belongings, and responsibilities. When any one of these three areas is out of control, we tend to feel stressed, overwhelmed and inadequate. We compare our lives and spaces to those of others, and criticize ourselves for “not having it all together”. Rather than being places of sanctuary and refreshment, our homes and workspaces represent sources of irritation and chaos.

The Seana Method  was developed to erase the slate of self recrimination and design life strategies that result in predictability, flexibility and joy. Being organized doesn’t mean being rigid, but rather means living in a rhythm than can accommodate the erratic characteristics of life with grace.

Would you like to stop feeling perpetually overwhelmed? Are you finally ready to eliminate the clutter and chaos? Is it time to try a new approach to daily living? Maybe now is the time to check out The Seana Method and start experiencing freedom through organization.

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