30 Things to Store Day 3: Fly Swatter

Today’s tip is for something we all should have on hand.

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Do you own a fly swatter? I’m curious, where do you keep it?

7 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 3: Fly Swatter”

  1. I don’t have a fly swatter, but given the number of millipedes we had last year, I definitely need to get one. I’ll store it inside the storage cabinet in my laundry room on a Command Hook (how did we function before those amazing hooks?!). Thanks for the tip.

    1. I agree, the Command hooks are terrific, especially for renters. And now they come in so many sizes and “strengths.” I sent my daughter off to college with a multi pack and told her to just share whatever she didn’t need with floor mates.

    1. I hear you, Janine. It is freezing here in lower CT as well. Snow is coming down hard, so bugs aren’t really my primary concern. That said, I’m always glad I can quickly grab it when the flies arrive in spring. Crazy how much difference a couple of months make in terms of what supplies we need to have on hand!

  2. Yes, I did laugh, Seana, when you first mentioned the fly swatter. We always kept it next to the fridge, but it can cause the end to curve so hanging is much better.

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