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Minimalist Memorabilia

What percentage of your possessions are you keeping for sentimental reasons? How much is too much?

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Seana counting on her fingers and helping you with a trick to stop leaving items behind.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 30

Here is a simple trick I’ve used for years to help me bring home whatever I’ve taken with me. It is called the “number of items” trick.

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Seana with a microphone giving a verbal memory trick.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 17

One of the most common problems we have when it comes to our space is losing track of where things are. Here is a little trick that might help: audibly verbalize where you are putting things down.

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The Best Kind of Memorabilia

What is the best kind of memorabilia? A recent activity gave me the answer…

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“Selfie-Discipline” #30 – Sort Memorabilia

Today’s “Selfie Discipline” is the best way to ensure your memorabilia brings you happiness for years to come.

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