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Seana holding a fire extinguisher

Make a Fresh Start – Day 7

One item everyone should have is a properly maintained fire extinguisher.

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Before the Movers Arrive

COVID or not, when you have to move, you have to move! Here’s what to do before the movers show up.

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Thoughts for Your 4th of July

Sharing a few of my favorite thoughts to spice up conversation at your Independence Day celebration. Which is your favorite?

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man with a problem

Inconveniences, Problems & Disasters

Today was a frustrating day. You probably know the kind, where things do not go according to plan. We all have them. In my case, the day began when I came downstairs to find my husband’s tools spread over the kitchen and our beverage refrigerator half-removed from its location. We had just purchased a new

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Household Stuff

Do You Know What You Own?

The alert sounds. You have 15 minutes to remove your most valuable belongings from your home, toss them into your compact car and drive to safety before the flood/tornado/hurricane hits. What do you take? Maybe the warning offers you two hours, and you have an SUV and your strong son to help you carry things.

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