GO! Challenge: Recap

Get Organized Month!

Organizing is not a “one time” experience. To be truly organized, one must continually circulate belongings, storing them in assigned locations until they have outlived their usefulness and are removed from the space. The craziness of life can mean we fall behind on this responsibility, so I designed The Get Organized! Challenge as a fun way to carve out a bit of time each day to tackle areas that may have gotten out of control. Each day, for one month, we shed an increasing number of items from a changing list of categories.

I’d like to thank all of the people who followed along and shared their progress, struggles and celebrations. It has been fun to hear and see the comments. A few highlights…

I had a flat iron that was terrible and I finally had the gall to chuck it. It felt so great!” ~ Tamara

First item gone: espresso maker! We’ve had it for almost 10 years, used it maybe a handful of times, and now it’s just an albatross. Not anymore!” ~ Yvonne

This challenge actually had me FINALLY repair 5 broken items that had been waiting for me for almost 10 years!” ~ Susan

I finally decided to let the dish go. I don’t need it to remember my mother or the love she put into that project.” ~ Janet

This is an easy one. I got rid of three shirts, my husband got rid of 3 sweaters, and my kids got rid of 3 tshirts each.” ~ Sabrina

Love reading your ideas for cleaning out sports gear… I’d forgotten about how helpful Facebook groups can be to move some of those sports items.” ~ Susan

Woohooo! This one is easy for me.. I am losing weight, so NONE of my clothes fit! I am giving LOTS away.. easy challenges like this make me feel like Ive accomplished something!” ~ Gingi

You’ve shifted my thinking with these words – Organizing is not the negative exercise of forcing yourself to discard things. Instead, it is a positive endeavor to prioritize your space for the way you live now.” ~ Susan

Ha! Were you standing over my shoulder yesterday as I was organizing my laundry room- where I keep my boxes stash? None of them made it into the garbage. . . But now I’m reassessing.” ~ Bre

I have a[n earring] ‘collection’ but some of them are missing so I threw out the ones that are missing a partner and those that I don’t use anymore. It feels good to reduce the clutter in my drawer. Whew!” ~ Rea

I plan to donate/sell this one huge car racing thing to clear up space!” ~ Nina

My girls last night were just begging us to donate some books. So looks like they were on task for this challenge ?” ~ Janine

I love the idea of creating a digital book of kids’ creations. It’s a great permanent way to treasure the artwork.” ~ Ellen

I used to pin a lot of [my child’s] art up on a bulletin board and then take a picture of the board every week. Now I just need to actually go through and toss some of the art!” ~ Autumn

Whether it’s photos or clothing or kitchen items, letting go of what we don’t need/want/treasure, always makes way for more clarity…physical and emotional. What’s not to love about that?” ~ Linda

Yes toys are always a hot bed of discussion!” ~ Jill

And here is a photo emailed in from Katy celebrating her success with E-clutter

Electronics a follower found to donate.

If you were unable to follow along in January, you can start the challenge at any time. In addition, if you missed a day or two, you can always go back catch up. Here is a summary of of the challenges, along with the link to the post with tips on how to proceed.

Day #1: Tools and Appliances

Day #2: Broken Items

Day #3: Shirts, Sweatshirts, and Sweaters

Day #4: Sports Gear

Day #5: Coats & Jackets

Day #6: Shoes

Day#7: Cups and Mugs

Day #8: Jeans, Pants and Shorts

Day #9: Medications

Day #10: Greeting Cards

Day #11: Hobby Supplies

Day #12: Unwanted Food Items

Day #13: Boxes

Day #14: Underclothes

Day #15: Cables & Chargers

Day #16: Make-up & Toiletries

Day #18: Accessories

Day #19: E-Clutter

Day #20: Toys

Day #21: Pieces of Trash

Day #22: Ties & Belts

Day #23: Emails

Day #24: Books

Day #25: Magazines, Catalogs, and Newspapers

Day #26: Children’s Artwork

Day #27: Pens, Crayons & Pencils

Day #28: Hangers

Day #29: Buttons

Day #30: Pieces of Paper

Day #31: Photos

Which task do you think is the hardest?  What areas would you like to see us tackle in next year’s Get Organized Challenge?

36 thoughts on “GO! Challenge: Recap”

    1. Thank YOU, Janine, for being my most faithful commenter. I had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed hearing everyone’s feedback. Hope you have a wonderful week:)

    1. Thanks for following along, Gingi. I hope you found it helpful. I figure this round-up is a pin-able summary for those who ran out of time but want to do this in the future!

    1. Most definitely, Linda! I thought people might like seeing that they aren’t the only one fighting the clutter. We all do our best, and it is great to celebrate our victories, no matter how large or how small!

  1. I’ve loved this challenge. It’s always great to get a new perspective on purging and organizing. I’d like to see time saving tips and time management tips for next year.

    1. Yes, it is quite an undertaking. I was feeling it by the end… only a blogger would have posted this thoughtful comment, Nina. Thank you so much for the support!

    1. Thank you so much for the affirmation, Sabrina! It means so much coming from a fellow professional. I greatly enjoyed the comments and feedback, and am looking forward to doing it again next year.

  2. This is an exciting jump start for the year! As you said, organizing is not a one time event. It’s getting into the habit of organizing that your challenges will help make the most difference.

    Congrats to all who participated!

    1. Thanks for commenting and for the affirmation, Ellen. A definite Congratulations! to the participants… starting isn’t easy, so kudos to those who tried!

    1. It is fun to hear comments from people I didn’t even know were following! Many times people don’t comment, but then talk to me in person. Thanks for commenting and being a part of supporting the challenge, Janet!

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, Nancy! Means so much coming from a fellow professional. We had a lot of fun, and cleared a lot of clutter… so energizing!

    1. That is why I put this recap together, Natalie, so that folks could pin this challenge to have available whenever they want to do it. And as you say, you don’t have to do it in January or even need to do all of the challenges. You can pick and choose the ones that you want. I appreciate your kind affirmation:)

    1. I’ve had that thought – just abandon ship! There are many approaches to decluttering, so it is important to find one that “fits” your style. It is pretty amazing how much we accumulate though, isn’t it?

  3. It has been a very helpful round of challenges! Not everything was applicable to me but I was able to get rid of some clutter along the way. Thanks for sharing this Seana! I’m currently on a long vacation so we’ll see what I will tackle next once I get back home.

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