GO! Challenge #22: Ties and Belts

Belts and Ties. it isn’t uncommon for men to accumulate a bit of clutter.

In my experience, most men have fewer clothes and smaller closets than women. This is completely understandable, as women have more complicated wardrobes and need more pieces! That said, it isn’t uncommon for men to accumulate a bit of clutter in today’s category: ties and belts. Your mission for this task is to select 21 of these pieces to give away.

The easiest way to sort through the ties is to pull them all out and line them up by color. Grouping by color helps you see how many you have of each, which gives you some perspective as you try to decide which ones you no longer need.

When it comes to belts, be sure to remove any that no longer fit, which you no longer like, or which are just too worn/broken to wear.

If the items you selected are in good shape, they can be donated. Otherwise, they can be pitched.

Ever wonder what is the best way to store neckties? Here is a short video with a few ideas. I also suggest that you store your ties by color, which will be easy after this exercise.

Belts should also be hung, either from a built-in rack in a closet, a belt organizer , or even a couple of hooks on the wall:

Ties and Belts

The goal is 22, but shedding any number will free up space and make your closet more user-friendly. Do you accept the challenge?

9 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #22: Ties and Belts”

    1. No doubt… guys have it easier! Not only does that fashion stay fairly constant, but they have a fraction of the “undergarment” complexity that we have:)

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