GO! Challenge #10: Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards. Greeting cards are something I come across in many homes. Time to declutter your collection.

Greeting cards are something I come across in many homes. These are the answers I typically get when I ask, “Why are you keeping these?”

The sender has a new address and I need to keep the card until I record it.

I like seeing the pictures of the families on the Christmas cards.

It was from my deceased fill in the blank (grandmother, mother, father, etc.)

I like to cut out the images and recycle them (e.g. into tags, crafts, etc.) 

I can’t throw away the extras of our Christmas cards; they have a photo of my family on them.

I don’t know…doesn’t everybody keep greeting cards?

My philosophy on greeting cards is as follows:

  1. Cards are intended to give you joy, encouragement, or greetings in the moment.
  2. It is perfectly respectful and acceptable to enjoy the sentiment and then recycle the card. You don’t need to keep last year’s Christmas cards.
  3. Cards that have a personal, hand-written note may be worth keeping. Cards with a sentiment from Hallmark and a simple, “Love, Dad” are disposable. If you decide to keep a card for a sentimental reason, move it to a memorabilia box.
  4. Letting go of cards sent from friends and relatives does not mean you do not love or care about them.
  5. If you need to capture a new address, schedule time on your “to do” list for this task.
  6. If you currently use cards for crafts, continue to do so. If this is just a vague desire that you never seem to get around to, let the cards go until you have a concrete plan to begin.
  7. Keep one copy of your holiday greeting card each year with memorabilia. Recycle the rest. If you like, keep the extra envelopes to use for another purpose.

Today’s challenge is to sort through your stacks and find ten greeting cards to pitch. If you don’t have any cards lying around, you can take the day off. If you have more than 10 that have piled up, all the better!

Greeting cards are generally recyclable. If you would like to donate used cards, there are charities that accept them. One example is St. Jude’s Ranch for Children. Be aware that restrictions do apply, and shipping costs must be paid by the sender.

Are you ready to free up some space? Can anyone find more than ten?

13 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #10: Greeting Cards”

    1. This task is on my calendar for this week. I always like to note the senders and addresses, read them one more time in the calm after the holiday, and then let them go!

    1. This task is on my calendar for this week. I always like to note the senders and addresses, read them one more time in the calm after the holiday, and then let them go!

  1. I don’t keep greeting cards, don’t tell anyone. =) What I do instead is create scrapbook collage page for the kids to pick sections of each greeting card to keep on it. Now that the kids are getting older, their friends are writing personal notes inside so instead of keeping part of the front of the card, we have been cutting out the statements inside and creating a collage of statements for a particular event, like a birthday. It’s great because we only have one page that includes all the comments and some images from cards and it is stored in their scrapbook. So easy.
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  2. It’s so hard with these! My Uncle sends ones that just say, “Love, J.” That’s it! And yet, I can’t bear to get rid of them because he has Parkinson’s so writing is hard and so is sending.
    That said, he’s the exception and the rest like that can be recycled!
    Tamara recently posted….. And What Have You Done?My Profile

  3. I always keep greeting cards in whatever forms and from whoever. 🙂 But I have a box for all of them. I’ve been keeping cards and letters since kindergarten. And it’s heartwarming and funny to go through them again when I do have some time.
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  4. I’m smiling as I read this post because I just shared an idea for a Christmas Card scrapbook. It’s an easy way to corral all those cards with photos, but I got to thinking after I shared it. Is this just more clutter/paper I am hanging on to that I need to let go of? I have a few memorabilia boxes of greeting cards, but I’ve started to throw a lot of them away. I also like to recycle old cards I love for crafts.
    dawn@joyfulscribblings recently posted…DIY Christmas Card ScrapbookMy Profile

    1. I like the idea of a scrapbook because you can pull it out and have fun looking through it. I find most items that get stashed in boxes rarely get enjoyed, and just sit unattended for years. Crafty people can use the images for many great purposes – many of them really have wonderful artistic qualities.

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