GO! Challenge #13: Boxes

Empty Boxes. We keep things because we think we “might” need them. Boxes are one of these things.

Many times we keep things because we think we “might” need them. Boxes are one of these things. Keeping a couple is a good idea because they come in handy for shipping and gift-wrapping. Unfortunately, we often lose track of how many boxes we are holding onto. I’ve seen many attics, basements, and closets that are stuffed with them.

Today’s challenge is to find 13 boxes to recycle. Consider:

  • Corrugated packing boxes (think Amazon Prime…)
  • Shirt boxes
  • Old jewelry boxes
  • Cereal/Food boxes
  • Old computer boxes
  • Appliance boxes

Think you can’t part with your boxes? If you are tempted to use one of these excuses, imagine me telling you…

If you are thinking....Hear me saying...
I have to keep the box in case I need to return something.Honestly, the odds of you sending anything back after one month are extremely low. Keep only a couple of shipping boxes in varying sizes.
But it is a little blue box from Tiffany!The gift was the jewelry, you won’t wear the box.
I always need boxes for wrapping gifts.Yes, having a handful of boxes is a good idea. Keep 2-3 shirt boxes and a couple of smaller boxes.
I can use these boxes for something.I love the idea of “upcycling.” However, you need a plan with a start date, or they will just pile up.

Still need a bit of encouragement to get rid of empty boxes? You might want to check out this Youtube clip:

Since boxes take up a lot of space, a little effort today might free up some meaningful space. How many do you think you can find?

20 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #13: Boxes”

  1. Because we’re a military family, always moving and always having to mail our gifts for family, I do have a hoard of boxes. Every few months, I go through and purge them, but I never entirely get rid of them. I will say that about 8 years ago, the little town we were living in was hit with a tornado. A friend of mine called and told me to load up my hoard of boxes and drive them to the impacted neighborhood because folks were going through what was left of their belongings and needed boxes to put them in to cart to safety. But realistically, most of us don’t need to hoard boxes.

    1. I have a stash I keep on top of the refrigerator in the garage (shipping boxes), and I have some smaller boxes for gift wrapping in the laundry room. They always seem to be enough. But good point about being a family who frequently moves. I actually saw someone share that they are move a lot as well, and use the plastic flip-top bins, which next up nicely when not in use. I thought that sounded like a great idea.

      1. Oh, yes, we have those also. 🙂 They’re great for tropical climates and storing items long-term (like when you’re stationed overseas) and you have items that go into storage.

    1. I affirm you as you reassess! Worst comes to worst, you can buy a box if you desperately need the size you recycled, right? Keep a few, pitch the rest. It frees up so much space! Thanks for stopping by, Bre!

    1. There is typically one half of the couple who is the box keeper — it is my husband as well. He just never wants to get rid of computer boxes, that in our entire married life he has never used one again. Sigh…

  2. I love this task! I had many clients over the years who have husbands that love to save boxes. Lots of boxes that are many years old. I was always told to keep the boxes for 1 year for electronics, but after that, get rid of it, you don’t need to save them all. I keep my boxes tucked away under the stairs. I like to collapse them too. But, when the year is up, I get rid of them. Thanks for reminding me to go through the boxes we have. I am bound to find one or two.
    Sabrina Quairoli recently posted…Vegetable Cabbage Bean SoupMy Profile

    1. I love the idea of collapsing them and keeping them under the stairs. I have one of those husbands who won’t get rid of electronics boxes. Last year, in a tender moment, I got him to agree to finally let them go. Very happy moment!

  3. We definitely have our share of boxes – some keep things in them. Some are used in case we move. (umm.. why? I don’t know)
    Then there are the ones we build things for the kids with! And by kids, I mean mostly the cat.
    Very cool video clip. I’m a forever fan.
    Tamara recently posted…The Black Holes of Time.My Profile

    1. So glad you watched the clip – it was my favorite part of the post! Cardboard can hold humidity, so keep a few large ones in case of a move, but the rest can go before they mold. I find there is usually someone within reach who has moved recently and is delighted to get rid of the boxes.

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