GO! Challenge #4: Sports Gear

Sports Gear. The benefits of physical activity are many, but so are the required supplies.

Sports are a part of modern life. Whether in school or simply for recreation, most people have participated in at least one sporting activity in their lifetime. The benefits of physical activity are many, but so are the required supplies. Whether it is a hockey stick, pair of skates, a glove, a ball, or clothing, most sports call for some paraphernalia.

There are multiple reasons why sporting gear tends to pile up in our homes:

  • We played a sport in the past but no longer participate
  • Our size has changed (particularly with children & youth)
  • The gear is outdated and we’ve replaced it with a newer version
  • Items have been given to us by friends and/or family
  • Supplies are damaged and in need of repair

Frequently, sports gear represents a significant investment, making it difficult to let it go. We feel guilty giving it away when we’ve spent a lot of money, and we don’t know how to go about selling it. If you struggle, remember that the money has already been spent… keeping an item won’t bring it back.

Today’s challenge is to head into your storage zones and dig up four pieces of sports gear to remove from your space. To ease the guilt of getting rid of expensive equipment, here are a few options to consider:

  1. Cleats and athletic shoes tend to conform to the owner’s foot, meaning they don’t make great hand-me-downs. Feel free to pitch/recycle them.
  2. Many schools and community groups run used sporting equipment sales as fundraisers. Ask around to see if you might be able to make a donation that will benefit a worthy cause.
  3. Facebook “tag sale” groups can be a nice option for selling gear, especially children’s items. Check to see if there is one in your area, as they are easy to use and connect you with people nearby.
  4. If you have large items that are difficult to transport, consider posting them on Freecycle. This site allows you to post items you are willing to give away, as long as the recipient comes and picks them up at your home.

Are you ready to tackle today’s challenge? Let us know in the comments what sports gear you’ve decided to pass on.

15 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #4: Sports Gear”

  1. I actually do have to go through my older daughter’s soccer gear for when the spring season does start back up. I believe she needs new cleats and will be disposing of her old ones. So this is very timely and thanks Seana for giving me the extra push to do this here 😉
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Confessions Top 5 of 2015My Profile

    1. I think disposing of the old cleats is a good idea. They tend to stiffen up between seasons. Glad she has fun with this sport. YOU are the fastest commenter on the block, Janine. So much appreciate your support:)

    1. That is great news because so many people are in need of sports gear in small sizes. I hope you can find a charity or sell it/trade it in. These supplies can be so expensive, especially for families who have multiple children involved in sports!

  2. Seana, love reading your ideas for cleaning out sports gear (I’d forgotten about how helpful Facebook groups can be to move some of those sports items). I’m chuckling here because I’m tackling purging sports gear next week. I agree with you that great minds think alike! 😉

    1. Ah, the upside! Mine weren’t either, but my husband still bought a lot of sports gear… perhaps hopeful that they would develop an interest! We ended up with more music and art gear in our house.

    1. I totally agree, Janet! The burden of buying gear and clothing, which used to be born at least in part by schools, has largely shifted to families. These items are in high demand! Furthermore, frequently equipment changes and improves over time, rendering them no longer useful. Wooden tennis rackets come to mind!

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  4. Thanks for reminding and challenging us that passing along extra equipment can bless others. And I’m guessing most of us have more than 4 sports items we no longer need or use. But you made it easy to get started by offering such great suggestions. Thanks for posting to P.O.B.C.
    Olive Wagar recently posted…WHY I LOVE ORGANIZING!My Profile

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Olive. This was part of a larger challenge, where we increased the number of items to shed each day. That said, sometimes a low bar helps get people started, and then once they are into the groove, they find more to let go of:)

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