GO! Challenge #27: Pens, Crayons, and Pencils

Pens, pencils, crayons. Today’s challenge is to dig around and find 27 writing implements to shed.

It is day 27 of the Get Organized! Challenge. How is it going? Have you cleared some space? If you have, I affirm you! Today’s challenge is to dig around and find 27 writing implements to shed. This should be neither a difficult nor a complicated challenge.

Candidates for disposal include:

  • Small/broken crayons
  • Pens and markers that no longer work
  • Highlighters that are dry or discolored
  • Pencils that no longer have an eraser
  • Pencils that are too short to comfortably hold
  • Mechanical pencils for which you have no replacement leads
  • Large or awkward pens you picked up as promotional items or received as gifts that don’t fit in your space

The best way to tackle this task is to bring all of your items together to a table along with some scratch paper. Remember to check in your purse, your car, your briefcase, your backpack… anywhere these might be hiding. Do a quick, visual sort to remove the obvious offenders, and then test the pens and markers to identify what has dried out. Take advantage of this opportunity to sharpen the pencils you decide to keep. Sorting, testing, and sharpening are all good activities for children, so consider making this a family activity.

Feel free to pitch the items that have outlived their usefulness. If you simply have too many of a particular supply, donate the extras to a nearby school or charity.

Ready to put everything away? Here are a few thoughts on storage to keep in mind:

Children’s supplies are best stored in clear, wide-mouthed containers, labeled by type. Small plastic boxes on a shelf work well. They can be brought to a work area, rifled through by small hands, and easily tidied up.

For adult writing implements, allocate only a couple to each needed location (e.g. the desk, the car, your purse, etc.) and then place any extras into a “stockroom,” such as a closet bin or supplies drawer. You don’t need the whole box of 20 pens rolling around in your desk!

Let’s do a tally in the comment section below. Who can find the most today?

6 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #27: Pens, Crayons, and Pencils”

    1. I did the same thing, Susan. It was a common “sick day” activity… that, and sharpening the pencils. I would also have them go through the coupons and remove the expired ones. After all, they were just sitting there bored!

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