GO! Challenge #29: Buttons

Organizing Buttons. Today’s task is to let go of 29 buttons.

Some things seem to scream, “keep me!” Buttons are one of these things. Most come into our lives as a sort of bonus when we purchase a new garment, often wrapped in tiny envelopes, and sometimes even with matching thread. Since they are “free,” it feels wrong to do anything other than stick them into a jar or drawer just in case.

Funny thing is, we rarely use these spare buttons. Typically this is because:

We don’t know how to sew on buttons


The buttons rarely fall off


When a button does fall off, we get rid of the whole piece rather than replace the button.

Some of us hold onto buttons for craft projects, which is fine – if we actually use them for crafts.

Most of the time, we simply accumulate buttons without thought. As clutter goes, buttons take up very little space, so they don’t seem like much of a problem. Nonetheless, whenever we hold onto too much, we make it increasingly difficult to find what we want, when we want it.

Today’s task is to let go of 29 buttons. Simply dump out your button container or gather your random buttons to a table. Conduct a quick sort to remove the ones that you are unlikely to need in the future. Good candidates for disposal include any that are broken or which match garments you no longer own. In addition, you don’t need to keep the little envelopes, which add bulk and conceal the button inside. Store the buttons you decide to keep inside a clear container with a lid, such as a jar or plastic box.

If you actively use your button supply for creative endeavors, feel free to skip this challenge. One possible use is for holding earrings when you travel.

What do you think? Do you hoard buttons?

13 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #29: Buttons”

    1. Good for you, Janine! You can feel great about your lack of acquisition. Meanwhile, a “clothes horse” friend sent me a photo of her exploding container, little envelopes and all. I guess we each have our area of weakness, right?

    1. Agreed, Nina. Button for coats or jackets that are expensive are the ones worth saving. Excellent point! The ones for the trendy, flimsy, or affordable are the ones we tend to never replace.

  1. I remember my mother having a large tin of buttons, some where ceremonial buttons from uniforms and such, they were very interesting, and I know myself I keep all the buttons that come with clothing. A great reminder to go through them and see which ones I really need or am going to use. Thank you for the reminder.
    Jill Robson recently posted…How to add recycling to your daily routine.My Profile

    1. The special ones are worth keeping. Or better yet, perhaps sew them onto a piece of fabric for framing, if they are ceremonial! How fun to have those special treasures…

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