Polly’s Exercise

Not exactly the kind of exercise we are supposed to be getting…

Polly runs late

Can you relate to Polly this month?

22 thoughts on “Polly’s Exercise”

    1. I think Moms, perhaps more than anyone, understand this scenario. I kept thinking it would slow down as the children got older, but it mostly just sped up. So, smile and keep going:)

    1. I like being on time, but sometimes the day implodes, or the others involved in my day are late, and then I feel like I’m “on the run” for sure!

    1. I bet we could do a whole series on this topic: looking for the phone, putting children’s toys away, carrying things up and down the stairs…thanks for sharing, Jamie!

  1. That is so funny! I had a long talk with myself this week about exercise. I decided I need to stop PRETENDING that I’m exercising. I’ve been using step trackers for a couple of years now and I work in a large building, so it shows up a pretty significant number of steps just in the normal course of a day. I’ve been counting that as my exercise, when really it’s just the basics of getting myself from place to place and isn’t nearly enough exercise to do me any darn good at all. Now I am trying to add in some ACTUAL exercise on top of the little bit of walking I get in at work, but when you are busy, it is tough to fit in. It’s important though, so I’m trying to make time for it.
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    1. It is hard to fit it in. I have a friend who recently turned 50 and she had the exact same revelation. She walked her dog, but it just wasn’t cutting it. She started working out at the YMCA at 5:30 in the morning 3 days a week – her results have been amazing. I’m afraid I’m not up for that early hour of exercise, but I was pretty convicted…

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