GO! Challenge #28: Hangers

Hangers. removing the extra hangers.

If you’ve been keeping up with the Get Organized! Challenge, you may think you’ve spent enough time in your closet de-cluttering pants, shirts and shoes. But today we will be putting the frosting on the cake by removing the extra hangers. Often we forget to remove these, or keep them because we “might need them.” As I frequently say, keeping a few extras is good, but keeping too many is a nuisance.

Today’s challenge is to go through your closets and collect 28 empty hangers to remove. Here are a few thoughts on hangers to keep in mind as you rummage around:

  • There is no “perfect” hanger. Some people prefer wood, some like plastic, and others like the low-profile, velveteen hangers. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses, so don’t feel that you need to buy a certain kind. Keep the ones you like, and get rid of the ones you don’t.
  • Basic wire hangers can be recycled. Dry cleaners are happy to take them back for reuse. If you collect your dry cleaning in a bag, simply drop the hangers right in with the clothing. Otherwise, put the hangers in a bag and move it either into your car or near the door so you will remember to drop them off.
  • Flimsy wire hangers are not the best option for coats, jackets and suits. If you discover some sturdy hangers during your search, use these to replace any that are bending under the weight of a heavy garment.
  • Hangers differ in design and purpose. I suggest keeping a couple of each kind (e.g. skirt hangers, pants hangers, coat hangers, etc.) Keep the extras in one section of your closet (e.g. in the back or corner) so you can find one when you need one.

Think hangers is a boring subject? This guy didn’t think so… he is known as the “hanger master,” collecting wire hangers to turn into iPad holders. Who knew?

Ready for today’s purge? Where do your extra hangers tend to pile up?

7 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #28: Hangers”

    1. I know lots of people who like having one type of hanger… what type do you like? I’ve now had a couple of comments like this, which should make you feel great!

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