GO! Challenge #15: Cables & Chargers

Cords and Cables. Most people end up with a collection of random cords, cables, and chargers.

In an era when we frequently buy and replace electronics, most people end up with a collection of random cords, cables, and chargers. They get easily tangled, and we lose track of which cord matches which device. We resist pitching them because we have a vague feeling that we might need them.

Today we are finally going to dump out that drawer and deal with them. Your challenge is to find 15 cords and cables to remove from your space. Here are a few tips for how to proceed:

  1. Gather all of the cords to a large, clear table.
  2. Untangle them and spread them in lines. I suggest that you group them by type, if you are able. Categories will likely include:
    • Phone Chargers
    • Game Chargers
    • Tablet Chargers
    • Computer cables
    • Ethernet cords
    • Camera cords
    • TV cables
    • Earbuds
    • Audio/Visual cords
    • Extension cords

If you have trouble identifying a wire’s purpose, here is a post that gives you a video guide to common household cords:


  1. Remove any that you currently use or would like to use. Throw the rest away.
  2. Label the cords using a piece of masking tape or a label maker. For example:
Label your cords
  1. Consider using a cable tie or clip to keep the cords from becoming twisted again. Here are a few ideas for how to store cords:

If you can’t find 15 cords, that is perfectly fine. The true goal is to eliminate the knotty mess and keep the “active” cables in an orderly fashion. Ready? Tell us how you did!

5 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #15: Cables & Chargers”

    1. Maybe he could tell you and you could label them. Once they are labeled, you can organize them without fear of losing track of what is what! (Husbands seem to have quite the influence over this one….)

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