Digital Declutter Wrap-up

Getting organized feels great! Over the past month, the Digital Declutter Challenge has offered a task each day for 30 days to help you bring order to your digital life. In case you missed a day, or if you would like to pin and save the whole challenge, below is a summary with links to all of the tasks.

Day 1: Background Image

Day 2: Label Cords

Day 3: When Did You Buy It?

Day 4: Backup Your Computer

Day 5: Clear “Downloads” Folder

Day 6: A New Folder

Day 7: Unplug

Day 8: Spam

Day 9: Unused Apps

Day 10: Update Apps

Day 11: The Home Screen

Day 12: Delete Documents

Day 13: Clear Desktop

Day 14: Unplug for 2

Day 15: Media Files

Day 16: Mice & Keyboards

Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment

Day 18: Cords

Day 19: Communication Devices

Day 20: Computers & Monitors

Day 21: Unplug for 3

Day 22: Bookmarks

Day 23: Online Accounts

Day 24: Logins

Day 25: Social Media

Day 26: File Naming

Day 27: Contacts

Day 28: Unplug for 4

Day 29: Photos

Day 30: Trash


I’d like to thank everyone who participated, commented and added to the fun. Wishing you the freedom that comes through organization!

15 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Wrap-up”

  1. This is a great challenge. I looked at several of them and they are definitely things I need to do. I’m pretty good on old cell phones (grandkids) and printers (church garage sale), but I have a pretty large cord graveyard that I’ve NEVER gone through. I need to tidy up my photos too. Doesn’t take long for them to get completely out of hand.

    1. This is an area that I needed to work on. The technology is changing quickly now, so it is normal to accumulate that drawer of cords!

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    1. This one is so easy to procrastinate because we don’t “feel” the crowding the way we do with physical belongings. But it is so important, not only for our sense of knowing what we have, but also for the speed of our machines!

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