Digital Declutter Day 16: Mice & Keyboards

Welcome back to the Digital Declutter Organizing Challenge. For the next couple of days, we will step away from the screen to declutter the physical items themselves (a.k.a. E-clutter). We will begin with what I hope will be a couple of “easy wins,” namely computer mice and keyboards.

As technology has grown smaller, many people have shifted away from large, desktop terminals and onto laptops and tablets. Since these devices are supposed to be portable, most of them feature a built in touchpad and keyboard. While most devices offer the option of using a mouse or keyboard – either via a hardwire connection or via WiFi – many people find they simply prefer not to use these stand alone peripherals.

In addition, for those who have been using computers for many years, it is likely that a small collection of old mice and keyboards from out-of-date devices have accumulated around the home and/or office.

The task today is to dig through your drawers, cabinets, bins and boxes and unearth any old mice or keyboards that you are no longer using. While you are at it, if you find old mouse pads, those can be pulled out as well.

Since we will be gathering different pieces of e-clutter all week, you may wish to designate an area (e.g. the garage or corner of a room) where you can set aside anything you decide to discard. Sort your finds into three categories: dispose, donate or sell. At the end of the week, we will review a few options for getting these items out of your space and to their final destination.


How many old keyboards do you think you might find?

5 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 16: Mice & Keyboards”

    1. I think my husband still has a keyboard or two. We are a funny couple because he likes to hold on to everything, and I would love to purge. I suppose that is fairly common, so I try and gently encourage.. we’ll see how we do with this one!

    1. One spare, if you are a keyboard/mouse user, is smart. Most of the old peripherals are kept mindlessly, which is what often leads to things getting out of control. Glad it started working again – computers are often a mystery, aren’t they?

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