10 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 24: Logins”

    1. Some people love them while others don’t, but if you can get past the feeling of having your passwords in the cloud, they are a very effective option!

  1. I use a password manager called Roboform but it’s installed on my computer rather than cloud-based – kind of the best of both worlds, except that I don’t have access to my passwords on my other devices. When I bought it many years ago I wasn’t comfortable with storing passwords in the cloud. Today I would probably choose their “Everywhere” version.
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    1. That does sound like a wonderful “middle position.” Nice that they also offer an “Everywhere” version. It is important that people be comfortable with the approach they take, and that they seek to make their method secure.

  2. Love this topic! It’s essential have these where you can find the passwords. It’s also essential for others just in case. I keep my passwords in various digital and paper methods. I also have shared these with my DH just in case he needs these for me. Thanks for this great reminder!

    Your month long series reminds us how important digital organizing is!

    1. It is such a “deep” topic… I feel like I am only scraping the surface! Hopefully those who are following the challenge will make enough progress to be motivated to carry on. A few of the tasks are designed to impart new skills to help avoid future pitfalls. Thanks for your support!

  3. I never thought about making a copy of my paper password log (yes, I’m old school 🙂 ). That’s a great idea and I’ll be tackling it tomorrow (’cause it’ll be a 30-40 minute task).

    1. Any of these tasks can be put off to a quieter time. I’m planning on putting a summary post up at the end so people can go back and remember them all.

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