Digital Declutter Day 29: Photos

There are only two days remaining in the Digital Declutter Challenge. It’s been a busy month of tackling various aspects of life in an electronic era. Since Mondays tend to be busy, spend as much (or as little) time as you have for today’s project: deleting photos from your phone.

Times have changed. According to InfoTrends, almost 80% of consumer photographs are now snapped on a smartphone. Furthermore, the volume of photographs is growing exponentially, with the total number of stored photos nearing 5 trillion. That is a lot of photos!

In the smartphone era, we take photos for a variety of reasons:

  • To remember sentimental moments (baby’s first step)
  • To capture a special event or activity (prom, birthday party, retirement)
  • To assist in product purchase (this is the part I need)
  • To demonstrate or instruct (how to attach the cords to the tv)
  • To ask questions (does this look right?)
  • To share experiences with others (e.g. for a social media posting)

Often, we take multiple photos to ensure we get one we will like. Unfortunately, most people rarely take the time to review and delete unwanted photos.

To streamline your photo stream and minimize your investment in digital storage, it is good practice to go through your photos and remove the ones you do not need to keep. Candidates for deletion include photos that are:

  • Unflattering
  • Poorly lit, even after editing with a filter
  • Irrelevant
  • Duplicates (or “near” duplicates)
  • Blurry
  • Lacking in significance or emotional value

If you have many photos, you may need to allocate time on additional days to get through them all. Nevertheless, any step you take toward clearing clutter is progress in the right direction.


When is the last time you deleted photos from your phone?


4 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 29: Photos”

    1. When the children are little and you are taking lots of photos, a few a day works well. I always found the carpool pickup line to be a good time for this:)

  1. Today, in fact!
    I usually put them into my normal editing software, and while I don’t edit them because I don’t need to convert them to jpgs the way I do my usual RAW files, I do categorize and store them by month and year on my external hard drive and into my Dropbox!
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