Digital Declutter Day 30: Trash

We have come to the last day of the Digital Declutter Challenge. It has been a great month full of projects to bring order to our digital lives. Whether you’ve done one task or all of them, I affirm you!

The task for our last day is to empty the trash can/recycle bin on your digital devices.

Emptying the trash is a simple task. While it differs by device and brand, most systems offer a “one click” option for permanently deleting all contents. Just as you regularly perform this task at home, you should do the same on your digital devices to prevent “trash” from taking up precious disk space. Once a month is a good rule of thumb.

Sometimes, people think of their computer trash can as a temporary storage location: a place to leave things just in case they might need them again. This is a bad idea. Just as you would never put something you might want into your kitchen trash can, you should never put files into the trash can unless you are certain you have no further need of them.

During this month, you likely have moved old and unused files into your computer’s trash can or recycle bin. Because they’ve been recently reviewed, you should feel comfortable permanently deleting them. However, if you are concerned that you may have wanted files in your digital trash, do not do a global “empty can.” Instead, review and delete files one at a time. Any files you find that you wish to keep should be appropriately named, moved out of the trash and placed into another folder.


Properly disposing of unwanted items is a freeing step in any decluttering project. It clears your space from old burdens, opening the possibility to redesign it exactly as you desire.

I hope you have enjoyed the Challenge! Which was your favorite task?

7 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 30: Trash”

    1. I love this – point to Tamara! Your explanation is very interesting… you were instructed to do something, and then formed a habit that has lasted the rest of your life. Great reason to teach our children healthy organizing habits!

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