Digital Declutter Day 12: Delete Documents

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We are coming to the end of the second week of the Digital Declutter Challenge. Today’s task can be as big or as small as your time allows. Turn on your computer, because the focus of today’s task is to delete unneeded documents.

 Files to delete. The focus of today’s task is to delete unneeded documents.

Most people rarely delete digital files. In one respect, this isn’t a problem because digital files don’t pile up on the desk or crowd the countertop. However, electronic files do take up disk space, and when files are disorganized and/or poorly named, it can be time consuming to find the right document. Search functions are a wonderful tool, but if you have many documents with similar names, you may be wasting time.

It always makes sense to get rid of anything you don’t need, whether physical or electronic.

For today’s challenge, open your Documents folder (or other document folders) and look around. (We will be dealing with the documents out on your desktop another day.) You may find it helpful to sort your documents by date, which will help you see what is old and perhaps no longer relevant. If you can’t recognize a document from its name, open it up and have a look. Next, simply drag anything that you don’t need into your computer’s trashcan.

Obviously, you aren’t going to completely clear out your computer today. The goal is primarily to dispose of the “easy hits”… the documents that you look at and think, “Why did I keep that?” or “Wow, that is completely old and irrelevant!”

One caution, “When in doubt, keep it.” You don’t want to regret your decision, so only delete the ones you are confident you don’t need.


Letting go of anything you don’t need is always a freeing process. How many files do you think you will delete?

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