Digital Declutter Day 28: Unplug for 4

Today is the last Sunday of the Digital Declutter Challenge. If you have been following along with us this month, you may be able to guess that the task today is to spend four consecutive hours away from all media.

One of the benefits of “powering down” is the chance to engage the senses that typically are not stimulated during screen time: taste, smell and touch. During your four hours today, consider pursuits that will intentionally engage these three areas. Here are a few ideas to get you started…


  • Eat at a favorite restaurant
  • Bake or cook a new recipe
  • Sit with friends over coffee
  • Attend or host a “tasting” event
  • Have a family “taste test” of different flavors of a favorite food


  • Walk in a forest, greenhouse or other olfactory setting
  • Sort through your perfume collection
  • Light a fire in a wood-burning fireplace
  • Take the kids on a treasure hunt to find things that smell nice


  • Take a bubble bath
  • Give/receive a massage
  • Snuggle under a soft blanket
  • Visit a museum where you can interact with the exhibits

We talked last week about letting friends and family members know in advance any time you will be unplugging to alleviate any pressure you might otherwise feel to check for messages.


Can you spend 4 hours unplugged? What ideas do you have for engaging the senses of taste, smell and touch?

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