Digital Declutter Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment

We are more than halfway through the Digital Declutter Challenge. If you’ve been making progress, I affirm you! Today we are continuing to clear away physical E-clutter as we turn our attention to entertainment devices, including gaming equipment, VCRs and DVD players.

old gaming equipment

Gaming equipment such as Xbox, wii, Gameboy, Nintendo and Playstation has been popular for years. As with other electronic devices, the technology for these platforms is always improving, so you may have some old equipment that your family is no longer using. Often, we keep devices because we think we may use them, but in reality never do.

For example, perhaps you bought a portable DVD player for long car trips, but now have a built-in player in a newer vehicle. You have been reluctant to shed the portable unit because you have a nagging memory that it cost a lot of money and think it will come in handy at some point. In the meantime, the player is taking up space, gathering dust and becoming increasingly out of date. In situations such as these, I recommend you adjust your mindset. Rather than asking, “How could I possibly use this ?” ask, “Does my current use of this item warrant its space in my life?” Decluttering is about making space for the objects we are using in our current lifestyle.

In addition to systems, be sure to gather old peripherals like joysticks, controllers and disks, as well as audio devices, such as Walkmen and iPods. Old CDs and DVDs are also candidates for removal. (Tip: old VHS and cassette tapes are rarely accepted by donation locations, so these can be thrown away.)

Once you have collected your items, move them to the “hold” location you established yesterday. Remember to sort items into dispose, donate, or sell.


Gaming is fun when the pieces are easily accessible and up to date. Do you have any old gaming equipment taking up space in your home?

8 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 17: Gaming & Entertainment”

    1. We have hardly any gaming equipment in our house, but I know many people love these options. The industry is booming, so I see more gaming clutter in our futures!

  1. There is no such thing as old gaming equipment – or gaming equipment that it taking up space… did my wife Trish get you to write this??? I have no idea what this article is even referring too.

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