Digital Declutter Day 21: Unplug for 3

You have made it to the third Sunday of the Digital Declutter Challenge – congratulations! If you’ve been following along, you know that today’s task will be to spend three consecutive hours where you don’t look at a screen.

Winter nature scene to relax

For some, this may still seem like an easy task, but for many, this is difficult. In our technological era, much of our connecting and recreation is done digitally. There are many benefits we enjoy because of electronic innovation, not the least of which is the ability to reach out to those who are far away.

At the same time, we often underestimate the toll that being “on call” can take. The incessant “Fear Of Missing Out” (or FOMO) drives us to continuously check our phones and computers, as does an ever-present need to make sure we aren’t overlooking something important. If you are concerned that people may be trying to reach you during today’s three-hour window, let them know in advance that you will be shutting off. An “away” message or auto-response email is another way to communicate when you will next be available.

For years, the CBS show “Sunday Morning” has ended many of its broadcasts with a brief nature video. I can remember watching these when I was younger, and finding them to be calming and refreshing. Going outside is a wonderful way to detach, triggering our senses in a way screens cannot. I know it is January, and you may need to bundle up or grab rain gear, but the results of the effort may be surprisingly positive.

Click here to view one of these moments and get inspired before you power down:


How will you spend your three hours?

7 thoughts on “Digital Declutter Day 21: Unplug for 3”

    1. Yes, it is difficult to step away on a weekday. For us in the US, this post ran on a Sunday for that very reason. Nice to just curl up with a book and relax:)

    1. Lucky Cassidy! Actually, letting family know how to reach you in an emergency is a good idea. I have certain people in my life about whom I would worry if they didn’t respond quickly. But, if they let me know in advance that they were unplugging, I would respect that and frankly respect their decision.

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