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This is me… always fine-tuning. I could spend hours rearranging items on a shelf or pictures on a wall to try to get them “just right.” When objects on the shelf somehow slide out of place on the shelf in our living room, I’ve been known to jump up from watching TV to realign them.

New systems, habits and setups take time to perfect. Often, we make a plan, but as the days go by, we find that things are not going as smoothly as we had hoped. This doesn’t mean we are on the wrong track or that we have made mistakes, only that we need to make a few small adjustments. Ongoing refinements and tweaks keep us engaged and focused until the new situation fits us like a glove.

Have you tried something new this month? Is it better, but still not perfect? Don’t be afraid to try a few modifications. Eventually, you will have a well-oiled machine.

6 thoughts on “Tweaking”

  1. I developed a lot of systems in my business over the past year, which has made things much easier, but not perfect. Now when something isn’t running as smoothly as I’d like, I adjust my process accordingly. It takes a minute now, but saves hours over time!

    1. I love that you keep refining your process. One of the first questions I ask when I come for a repeat visit with a client is, “Let’s talk about how things have been working since I was last here.” I want to give them permission to tell me what isn’t working so well, so we can tweak and make it even better.

  2. I am bothered by crooked pictures or lampshades or something on the floor that shouldn’t be here. but not as much as you are. Tweaking is important even in recipes-too much or too little of something. Tweaking is an essential part of life.

    1. That’s a great point about recipes. Someone once told me that she always begins by making a recipe just as it is written. Then, if she wants, she will adapt it to meet her specific taste. I’ve always remembered that and pretty much done the same thing!

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