Reignite the Initiative

Lighting a fire under your goal

When the weather turns cold and dreary, I love to light a fire. We have an old-fashioned, “real wood” fireplace. Admittedly, building this kind of fire takes a little work and makes a mess, but I always enjoy the warmth and sounds from the burning wood.

By this point in the month, some of our gusto for our New Year’s resolutions may be wearing off. I think most people give up at around week 3, when the adrenalin has faded and the true “work” has set in. Perhaps the payoff that seemed so appealing on December 31 no longer seems worth it. The flame has gone cold.

Are you losing enthusiasm for the goal you set this year? Maybe it is time to reignite the initiative. Take a step to remind yourself why you wanted to pursue your objective in the first place. What small thing can you do tomorrow to get back on track?  Sometimes one small step can get you moving. Remember, it only takes a spark to light a large flame.

4 thoughts on “Reignite the Initiative”

    1. It’s easy to lose energy by now: the sunlight is limited, the weather is dreary, the adrenaline wears off. However, it is possible to plan a step or act that can get us going again. It is important not to let our feelings drive our behavior because feelings are fair-weather friends. Light that spark so there won’t be regrets in a couple of months.

  1. I haven’t lost enthusiasm but I haven’t accomplished it either. I do have a plan though. Thanks for the nudge.

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