Embrace Tenacity

be tenacious

Don’t you love this palm tree? It makes me smile. Just as I do, this palm tree loves the sun, so it has gone out of its way to find some. This tree is thriving, even if it does look a little silly. I think this is officially called “phototropism.”

Typically, achieving a New Year’s resolution requires that we steadfastly pursue whatever it is we need to succeed. Maybe we need training to develop a new skill. Often we need funds to invest in some equipment or supplies. Almost always we need to carve out time from already packed schedules. The rationalizations for quitting are long and legitimate. Still, if we want to get there, we can’t give up. There is a way, if we persevere.

As you try to stay motivated this year, remember this tree. He may not have grown straight up, but he found a way to get what he needed. He found a way, and you can too. Be tenacious, and don’t stop until you find the sun.

5 thoughts on “Embrace Tenacity”

  1. What a great a picture! Been loving these visuals of yours this month. I almost feel like you should re-post these 6mos from now as a reminder to keep striving towards our goals. We all feel so super motivated in January, come July not so much… Maybe I’ll print this one out and tack it up!

    1. That’s a great idea, Sarah! You are so right about the motivation wearing off. At our Minimal Quest meeting last night I was sharing that most resolutions die by 6 months, so maybe June is the sweet spot to keep you going!

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