There Will Be Twists & Turns

A couple of months ago I was out walking and stopped to watch this stream. I love the sound it makes as the water bubbles along. The flowing water makes me feel peaceful.

When we try to achieve something new, we are a lot like the water in this stream. We are running along, but probably not in a straight line. Rather, we will most likely follow a twisted path. A new opportunity may draw us in one direction, while a difficulty may cause us to rethink and go around another way. What I love about the stream is that the water always moves forward. All the bumping and splashing may lengthen the journey, but it also keeps the water fresh and clear of debris.

Is your resolution shaking you up a bit? Are you wondering if you are even on track? Remember that the twists and turns show that you are moving. Stagnant water doesn’t encounter diversions, but it doesn’t get anywhere either. So row downstream and be open to where it might take you.

6 thoughts on “There Will Be Twists & Turns”

  1. I find it fascinating how the gurgling of the stream is so calming. At the same time, as you pointed out, the water flows with twists and turns. It’s an encouraging thought. While our life winds in many directions with challenges, successes, ups, and downs, there is a constant of calm that can get accessed when we allow ourselves to pause, listen, and tap into those elements around and within us like the flowing of a stream. Thank you for the beautiful moment of sound and reflection.
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    1. You are an inspiration for me on this one, Linda! I’ve so enjoyed your videos and nature scenes. I love that even though the water hits rocks and curves, it keeps moving. That inspires me:)

  2. As usual, your advice is timely. And so is your metaphor! We found a stream in our woods over the weekend. It’s Cassidy’s life dream to have a stream on his property and we honestly had no idea. Now we have so many goals to follow the twists and turns and find out where it came from. All we know is where it’s going. Metaphor!

    1. What a great fine! A stream is full of life, an ever-changing finger of God to watch and enjoy. My children enjoyed the stream at the bottom of our street for many ways. We used to drop sticks in on one side and watch them come out the other side… ‘Pooh sticks’ from Winnie the Pooh. No matter what the water hits, it comes moving. I love that!

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