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Time Timer to Up Productivity

Do you have a favorite tool? I love the Time Timer™. You can see in the photo that the red area provides a “visual countdown” of the time. It’s easy to track the time with a quick glance, so I love using it when I’m giving a presentation.  It is also handy for children who are still learning about clocks.

When it comes to new initiatives, time can be tricky. Cultivating healthy habits may demand that we find space in our already packed daily schedules.  Large projects may absorb so much time that we fall behind in other areas of our lives. Sometimes we simply become so engrossed in exploring a new subject that we lose track of how many minutes have gone by.

If your goal this year requires an investment of time, consider using a timer. Decide in advance how much time you will allocate each day to the new activity, and then hold yourself accountable with a timer. Timers can be a comfort if you are having trouble staying on task (“only 3 more minutes”), or a handy alert to keep you on track (“time to drive to school for pickup”). Find a tool that helps you manage the time you have, and put it to work for you.

6 thoughts on “Set A Time Limit”

    1. I have a few clients who use Alexa for timing things. This can also be great for children because they might hear Alexa’s voice more than they would look up at a clock. That’s a great idea!

  1. This is so weird, but I really believe that two of my favorite writers have posted about this today. You and Kelle Hampton! With her, like me, we are more visual learners and need that kind of timer. Love this!

    1. Wow, that is so funny! I’ve just started following Kelle. Dare I say, “Great minds think alike?” I love visual things as well. They just stick with me better.

  2. I need to do this to make me go to bed at a certain time. I often find myself going to bed much later than planned because I lose track of time working or watching TV or whatnot 😉

    1. You must be a night owl! When you are comfortable and relaxing, it can be hard to get up and go to bed! I totally get that:) But then the morning comes and I regret that I didn’t turn in sooner. Set that alarm, right?

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